moving # 1, 2001

“MOVING # 1”


Installation (black reindeers printed on textile, video projection, water , 2 mobile walls).

Printed reindeers one after the other, creating like this a very long line, a continuously moving.

They are coming out pressed from an opening of the wall outside the exhibition

space. Walking inside the room, following the architectonic order and start to

suspend to the space, stop in the middle of the room and in front of the projected

images (like standing in front of one’s memories and associations).

From the last animal is flowing a black vertical line (which is made from the

material that they are created)  and ends in a smear of water , in which  part of the

photographs are being projected too.

The smear of water is a piece of land, where one returns (physically or imaginary)

many times in life.

The photographs that I use, which are changing every  2 seconds, are showing

images and associations of memories , that are coming often to my mind (and

much stronger since I’m living out of my country).

I chose this rhythm of time and different kind of reflections, because the ideas,

the memories, the association of the images cannot have an absolute and strict

shape and cannot stay still for a long time. They go on, diffuse, transform in other

images, feelings, ideas.