Katerina Katsifaraki studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1993-1998). In 2001 she completed her postgraduate studies (MFA) in Interdisciplinary Arts at the Dutch Art Institute (D.A.I) in the Netherlands, with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY). Until 2006 she attended modern dance and performance classes with M. Mendez’s team.

She has participated in exhibitions, residencies and performances in Greece and abroad. She designed and implemented in situ installations in various venues, such as Museum Benaki/’NEMA’, Athens (2020), the Halandri Settlement, Athens (2019), Rencontres Internationales Al Maken d’Art Actuel, Tunisia (2016), Patmion Cultural Center, Patmos (2018), Libby Sacer Foundation, Athens (2014 ), El Estudio Ammeba, under the auspices of the Spanish Embassy, ​​Athens (2010), Museum of Yugoslav History – Museum of 25 May, Serbia (2002), Technopolis and Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Athens (2003), Art System Gallery, Toronto (2001), Studentski Kulturni Center (SKC), Serbia (2001), Villa Weiner, Germany (2000 and 2001). She has participated in the Digital Art Festival, Thessaloniki (2006), 6th International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Makers, Thessaloniki (2004), International film festival on the internet Zeta Films, Brazil (2002), Outdoors Touring Balkan Project 2002/2003, Museum of Yugoslav History – Museum of 25 May, Serbia (2002).

In 2001 she was invited by art historian Biljana Tomic to perform an in-situ installation at the Studentki Kulturni Center (SKC) in Belgrade and a performance at the Museum of Yugoslav History – Museum of 25 May, for which she was awarded by the Serbian Ministry of Culture. Other works she has performed are with Nomadic / Topos / Athena, Athens (2017), Akademietheater van Utrecht, Holland (1999 and 2000) and Středočeské Muzeum Rostoky, Czech Republic (2000).

She has worked as a teacher in the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete, in the College of Athens (HAEF) and in public schools.